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Go anywhere faster & easier than a regular bicycle. Our E-Cycles can go up to 25 Kmph with just a twist of its throttle. eVive E-Cycles gives just another reason to ditch your car. Feel free to turn-off the battery and use it normally to burn those calories.

The motor and battery are sufficiently sealed to be protected from the rain. However, we do not recommend complete submersion for a long period of time.

Our E-Cycles can take 2.5-6 hours to recharge depending on the battery & charger capacity.

eVive E-Cycles are equipped with a mechanism to cut off the power as soon as you press the brakes, thereby ensuring a safer ride.

No, the E-Cycles do not require any license to ride.

Pedal Assist Mode in our E-Cycles allows you to ride using minimal pedaling as the battery powers the cycle at a frequent interval, enabling you to cover greater distances.

The range depends on the battery capacity, terrain, load and mode of travel and it ranges from 20kms to 50 kms or more. Please refer to the details mentioned in the website or contact our Champions (dealers) to select the correct range for your requirements.

Yes, you can switch between manual and battery-powered mode effortlessly.

E-Cycles have mechanical & electrical components. The mechanical components are same as the regular bicycles and can be serviced at your nearest bicycle shop or eVive Champion (Dealer) outlets. The electrical parts rarely require maintenance and in case you face any issues, we recommend you contact your nearest eVive Champion to resolve your issues.

Though the law does not mandate wearing one, eVive always recommends riding your bicycle safely and urges you to wear a helmet for your own protection.

As the E-Cycle is capable of reaching upto 25 kmph, we recommend caution and supervision while choosing one for a minor rider.

Battery can be locked using a key.